Y Rousseau Son of a Butcher 2020

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blackberries, white pepper, plums, violets, dry leaves with notes of licorice and roasted coffee


After several months of eager anticipation the SOB is back! This is one of our most sought after California wines, having been a club selection every year since 2015. The new bottling is dynamite, of course, offering a friendly view of the often reticent Tannat grape variety.

To make this wine Yannick sources Tannat from two sources, then blends it with Napa Valley, mountain grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The actual makeup moves a little bit with each bottling but Yannick skillfully showcases how the incredibly tannic Tannat variety can shine, even in a young bottling. However, we do recommend decanting for up to half an hour before serving to allow the wine to develop aromatically and for the tannins to soften.

SOB shows the softer side of Yannick’s favorite red grape - Tannat - and its amazing potential as a blending variety. Supple and full-bodied, it’s an unmistakable California resident, rich and with youthful vibe, but the one who doesn’t forget its French heritage.

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