Paul Buisse Chinon 2020

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Dried Red Cherry, Fresh Blackcurrant, Wild Raspberry, Menthol


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"Chinon is an appellation situated on the steep hills of the Vienne River, with soils composed of gravel and prehistoric limestone. Both of these soil types are ideal for the Cabernet Franc grape, which by law must make up at least 75% of the regional red wine, to ripen. In the case of the Buisse Chinon, these Cabernet Franc vines are planted at lower elevation closer to the banks of the Vienne. Traditionally, Chinon from this part of the appellation tends to be medium-bodied with notes of wild berry and anise.

The 2019 vintage saw many producers of red wine in the Loire lose a percentage of their crop. Climate hazards, particularly early frosts, reduced yields in the vineyard. In the case of the Buisse Chinon, the moderating influence of the Vienne River prevented temperatures from dropping as much. However, although many vines were still damaged by frost, the trade-off resulted in greater concentration in the surviving fruit, producing a full-bodied and approachable finished wine. In addition, no oak was used in the winery in order to maintain the natural wild berry notes of Cabernet Franc." JP Donnelly Davis

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