Oysterman Muscadet 2020

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Meyer Lemon, Lime Juice, White Flower, Pineapple Rind, Green Apple


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"Muscadet is a large appellation located in the westernmost part of the Loire Valley, centered around the Pays Nantais, the maritime area dominated by the city of Nantes. Before you think this is a sweet wine, know that Muscadet has no relation to Moscato, the Muscadine grapes of Florida, or any other traditionally sweet wines. Rest assured, this white wine is quite dry. The region allegedly takes its name from the musky, aromatic qualities of the wines produced there.

Originally established by the Roman garrison at Nantes, the region became famous for white wine production due to the cool climate. After a debilitating frost during the 1709 harvest, most of the vineyards were replanted by order of Louis XIV, who introduced the Melon de Bourgogne grape to the area. This white grape varietal is less susceptible to frost and produces lean, mineral-driven white wines with plenty of acidity. Since its introduction to the Pays Nantais, Melon de Bourgogne has become the region’s dominant white grape (and, in fact, one of only two legal varieties). Much of this mineral character comes from the soils of the region, a volcanic sub-soil called Gabbro, which is rich in magnesium and potassium. All of these factors produce one of France’s most unique and versatile food-pairing wines, but as the name would imply, this is one wine that pairs excellently with oysters!

So why the “Oysterman” moniker? For one, the local cuisine is heavily seafood-centric, with Nantes being a place famous for world class, deep water oysters. This inspired our importer Frederick Corriher to produce this wine with one of his estate wineries, Guy and Jean-Luc Ollivier. Most of the fruit comes from hillside vineyards in the Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine appellation, with a small amount coming from nearby Muscadet Cotes de Grand Lieu as well. The average age of the vines is older in these appellations, averaging 45 years. All of the grapes in the brothers’ 30 hectares of land are hand-harvested. This wine is destemmed by hand before immediate cold soak and fermentation in stainless steel. Immediately before shipping, the wine is filtered and bottled to preserve varietal freshness." - JP Donnelly Davis

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