Micro Cosme Blanc 2022

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Pink Grapefruit, Cantaloupe, Fresh Peach


"This wine is a perennial favorite in the Orlando store, where we sell a case or two every week. Periodically I like to feature it to bring it back into the spotlight in our other stores where it may not be as well known.

The Little James Basket Press white is produced by the talented Louis Barruol, one of the vanguard producers of the Southern Rhone valley of France. His father found the location for this vineyard in the 1960’s and due to the high elevation, recognized it as a great spot to produce refreshing white wine. In fact, the site was a bird sanctuary before being planted with vines. His father also realized in 1973 that due to the dry and windy conditions, no chemicals were needed and so, although this site is not certified, the grapes are farmed organically.

One of the things that makes this wine so interesting, is the vineyard is planted to equal parts Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc. Louis’s dad, Henri, originally intended to only grow Viognier, taken from cuttings of a Condrieu vineyard owned by a friend. He learned that even though the site was cooler than the valley floor, it was still too warm for the fickle Viognier grape to retain enough acidity for a balanced wine. After a short trial and error he planted Sauvignon Blanc, which retains acidity even in warmer climates. Now almost fifty years later the wine shows perfect balance, although in most vintages one variety or the other seems to dominate." - Tim Varan

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