Cantina del Morellino Cala Civetta Ciliegiolo 2021

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fresh red cherry, wild strawberry, dried herbs, and dried violet petal


The Ciliegiolo grape variety has been around for a long time, at least 1000 years, and DNA evidence shows it is one of the parents of the more popular Sangiovese. It was very popular before WWII but since then it has been pushed aside in favor of the more prodigious Sangiovese. Recently it has been gaining popularity again as producers recognize how alluring the wines can be, especially those that are slightly lower alcohol.

We love this example from the Cantina del Morellino, one of our favorite sources for value wines from the coastal region of Tuscany. To make this wine, all fruit is sourced from old vine, dry-farmed parcels of Ciliegiolo whose vine age naturally reduces yields and concentrates flavor. Fermentation and aging is in stainless steel to preserve freshness and clarity of varietal flavor.

When you open this wine, I strongly suggest decanting for at least half an hour. The similarities to its more famous offspring, Sangiovese, are apparent on the palate. Drink now through 2024 with veal parmigiana, bean soup with tomatoes and kale, or any of your “red sauce” pastas.

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