Palama Primitivo Arcangelo 2019

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Raspberries, Boysenberries, Luxardo Cherries, Fresh Sage, Thai Basil, Graham Crackers


Over the years we have featured just about every wine that Ninì Palamàproduces and they are all popular. I am delighted to reintroduce this incredible bottle, which is the standard for me in this category.

Ninì farms a scant thirty acres of vines, doing everything by hand, reducing yields down to about one bottle per plant. In the cellar he focuses on producing clean, approachable wines that are not overripe or masked by oak. His Primitivo explodes with spicy, briary fruit while also showing surprising texture and body. In short this is one of the most useful wines you can buy if you frequently serve red sauce at your house, like me.

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