Y Rousseau Son of a Butcher White 2022

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yellow grapefruit, lime parfait, persimmon and fresh peach


Yannick Rousseau may live in Napa Valley now, but he was born and raised in the Gascony region of France. This year he has produced a new white wine that he vinified in France, then shipped to the US for bottling. We have several Cote de Gascogne wines we already love, like Domaine de Pouy, yet somehow Yannick has found another level of complexity with his bottling and we are excited to have the Florida exclusive.

The blend for this wine is 50% each of Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc, all vinified in stainless steel. The nose of this wine is dominated by Sauvignon Blanc notes. Then on the palate this wine is ephemeral, but shows a crazy amount of chalky-minerality into the finish that is reminiscent of Chablis. I was stunned and can only attribute this to the old vine Colombard in the blend. Regardless of where it comes from this is the perfect hot weather white, drier than Marlborough SB and more interesting than most Pinot Grigio in this price. There are only 10 cases for Florida and we have them all so come and get yours!

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