Sepp Zweigelt 2019

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Wild Blackberry, Black Cherry, Red Plum, Earth


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"As mentioned above, the wine culture of Vienna is strongly focused on local production, with liter bottles proudly displayed on every table outside the city’s many “wine taverns,” or Heurigen. Each of these taverns typically produce their own wines, with many dating back to the 18th century. Zum Martin Sepp is one such establishment, proudly owned and operated by Michael and Freya Martin. The Martins have been producing wine in this region for over a century, but only recently have their wines become available on the export market, providing a taste of this unique wine-drinking culture.

With his small harvest team, Martin and Freya do everything by hand in the vineyard. The Martins choose to produce red and white wines that focus more on balance, acidity, and herbal qualities than on fruit and over-ripeness. In Martin’s own words: “If there were such thing as Austrian Burgundy, this is it!” Organic and some working biodynamic practices in the vineyard help to produce this lighter style of Zweigelt, a red variety with plenty of body and tannin. After harvest, the fruit sees a short maceration on the skins before fermentation in stainless steel. No oak is used and the resulting wine is bottled unfiltered and unfined- like many producers in the region, the Martins make “natural” wines without labeling them as such.When you open this wine, you will not need to decant for long, only about 15 minutes." - JP Donnelly Davis

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