Nestore Bosco Pecorino 2021

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candied lemon peel, key lime, fresh Gala apple, and Asian pear


Located in the high-altitude province of Pescara in Italy’s Abruzzo region, the Bosco family have been producing wines for over a century and represents one of the best values in the Votto Vines portfolio. Though predominantly known for their red wines made from Montepulciano, the wine that stood out the most to us is their Pecorino, which we featured to great effect in the August 2022 Explorers Club. Pecorino is a white variety only grown on the steep hillsides of the Adriatic coast, which made plantings incredibly scarce until recently. This bottling is an excellent way to sample one of Italy’s oldest grape varieties and discover just how versatile Pecorino can be when it comes to food pairings!

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