Evolucio Furmint 2020

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Faintly Raw Brioche, Grilled Plantains, Pineapple, Lemon curd


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"Furmint is largely considered the chief white variety of Hungary, where it is principally cultivated in the Tokaj region. Similar to other Germanic varieties such as Riesling, Furmint has the potential to be made into a bone-dry white wine, a lusciously sweet dessert wine, or anything in between. While the dessert wines of Tokaj have long enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for quality, the Evolucio is a dry and floral example of Furmint that evokes many of the same flavors as a village level Chablis.

To make this wine, several growers in the region are contracted to produce fruit for the finished blend. This wine is predominantly Furmint, with a small amount of local grape Harslevelu blended in for aromatic complexity. A wide variety of soil types and elevations can be found in the vineyards, imparting additional balance and minerality to the finished wine. Following harvest by hand, the fruit is brought to the local co-op winery for de-stemming, pressing, and fermentation at cool temperatures in stainless steel. Malolactic conversion is blocked in the winery and this wine sees no lees contact or oak aging in order to preserve its primary fruit flavors and acidity." - JP Donnelly Davis

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